THINK FARE at Toronto’s One-Stop Digital Fabrication Center!

FARE MADE combines proficient knowledge of design technique, digital fabrication processes and professional equipment to provide a complete package of design-fabrication services to design firms, businesses, artists and students.


  • FARE MADE will MAKE your design concepts a reality through fabrication and rapid prototyping services that include laser cutting, 3D printing + 3D scanning
  • FARE MADE assembles high precision laser cut architectural MODELS
  • FARE MADE combines design expertise with in-house fabricating capabilities to provide a diversity of DESIGN services, including industrialinteriorsignage and architectural
  • FARE MADE will PROMOTE you and your business through signagegraphic design, business cards, business merchandising, custom stamps and stencils
  • FARE MADE will MODIFY (personalize) consumer products through marking and engraving; i.e. engraving electronics, clothing and accessories


  • FARE MADE SHOP offers exclusive in-house product lines that include furniture, fashion accessories and interior design elements.
  • We also sell laser-compatible materials in-house!
  • FARE MADE will produce and sell your original product(s) for you, so Contact us with your design ideas!


Our clients include:

  • Architects and Interior Designers
  • Industrial Designers
  • Fashion Designers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Artists
  • Craftspeople
  • Makers
  • Students of Architecture + Design Programs
  • and Many Others

FARE MADE is dedicated to offering the highest level of expertise and design experience in order to save time and money for clients while manufacturing unique products and providing design and customization services.


FARE MADE is committed to bringing manufacturing to its local roots by providing manufacturing opportunities to local artists, designers and makers.

  • FARE MADE is committed to a Zero-waste environmental approach: laser cutting and 3D printing processes do not generate production waste;
  • Our workshop is structured to provide Start-up support for local designers, artists ad craftsmen;
  • FARE MADE offers Skill-building mentorship for new designers;
  • FARE MADE will host craft / skill workshops to Empower local community;
  • We are pleased to offer Flexible price policy for students and unemployed;
  • FARE MADE offers Architectural Services, with a focus on Zero-waste / Off-grid / Closed-loop system housing;
  • Portions of the proceeds are donated to Ethics-committed non-profit organizations.