Stencil Guide

  • Custom Stencils for Matt Daniels at Digital Dreams
  • Custom Stencils for Matt Daniels at Digital Dreams

Stencil Guide

FARE MADE in Toronto offers Laser Cut Stencil Services.  Read this guide for more information.


The file must be vector (AutoCAD, Illustrator, Corel, etc.) with clear outlines of each object to be cut out.

If you have Illustrator, Download and use this stencil template for your project:

Download AI Stencil Template (24 in x 39 in)

If you only have a raster image file, we can prepare a vector file for you. The file preparation cost is $0.75/minute, and the time it typically takes is between 10 minutes to an hour.


The stencil cut-out / outline must be a single line, with the following properties:

Colour = RGB red

Line Thickness = 0 in CAD / “0.1” in Illustrator / “Hairline” in Corel


Create a boundary box (or suitable shape) cutout for the stencil the size you want using the same “Outline” properties described above.

More Information

Link: Laser Cutting Services for more information about our machine capacity, material options, and our investment in helping to realize your project.

Contact us for our laser cutting and laser engraving rates!

Save Time Email Us with your relevant project information, including Quantity, Material Type, Material Thickness, Sheet Size and Object Dimensions.