Digital Modeling Services at FARE MADE

FARE MADE is operated by a team of architects and designers with over 40 collective years of creative model-making experience applied to projects around the world.

We interpret and digitize concepts and projects into models for architects, urban designers, property owners and developers, landscape architects, interior designers, furniture designers and more.

Step 1: Contact


Contact us with your digital modeling timeframe and goals.  We develop precise, high-quality, layered-as-specified digital architectural models.  Visual quality for rendering purposes are applied where required in material and texture settings.

Our 3D Digital Models are offered in various formats, including:

  • Sketchup (SKP)
  • Rhino (3DM)
  • AutoCad (DWG/DXF)

Step 2: Get Quote


We will prepare a time and cost estimate for the project, including multiple options according to your project quality needs upon request.

Step 3: Schedule


After approving our estimate, you can schedule your digital modeling services, appointments and file delivery with us.