Event: The Sell Out Show

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09.20.14 Doors 1PM-12am 277.5 Augusta Ave 2nd Floor

The White House Studio Project presents The Sell Out Show, a silent auction and fundraiser. All pieces will either start at $10 or the cost of production!

As artists we are constantly creating new work. Sometimes that work, despite the time and love we put into it, doesn’t make it to the public or it has it’s moment in the spotlight only to return to us artists. So much great work goes hidden from view. But not anymore! The Sell Out Show is our chance to find homes for this art. And it’s your chance to take part as a bidder in a completely unique silent auction.

By starting our art at $10 (or the cost of materials), everyone will have the opportunity to bid on some fantastic art, support artists, and support the White House Studio Project. With over thirteen artists contributing their work there will be something for everyone.

Participating artists include:

Nathaniel Addison, Stephanie Avery, Laura Dobson, Benjamin Edelberg, FARE MADE, Miles Forrester, David Graham, Jennifer Ilett, Kimberly Korczerginski, Elisabeth Munsterhjelm, Tanya Murphy, and more!

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